The CTIVD announces its investigation into the use made by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (GISS) and the Defence Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) of the power to hack into automated devices (article 24 ISS Act), otherwise known as equipment interference.

Each day, an increasing amount of personal  information is becoming digital. For this reason, the CTIVD finds it important to examine whether the Dutch intelligence and security services, when carrying out hacking operations, have struck the correct balance between protecting national security and respecting the privacy of the individuals concerned.

This investigation will focus on two different situations in which the power to hack can be used: (1) the service has the automated device  - temporarily -  in its possession, and (2) the service hacks into the device from a distance, for example via internet. The investigation will be concluded with a public review report.

GISS and DISS "the power to hack into automated devices"GISS and DISS "the power to hack into automated devices"