On March 10th 2016, the CTIVD announced its investigation into data exchange by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (GISS) on (alleged) foreign terrorist fighters.

The CTIVD will be investigating the exchange of data by GISS from 2015 onward, both with national and international partners on the topic of (alleged) foreign terrorist fighters. This investigation is comprised of two phases which will both be concluded with a public review report.

The first phase focuses on international data exchange by GISS, on a bilateral and multilateral basis. This investigation encompasses the follow-up investigation on international cooperation by GISS that the CTIVD had announced earlier.

The second phase will focus on data exchange with national partners. This includes the official messages sent by GISS to the Public Prosecutor’s office, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and city Mayors.

Investigation into data exchange by GISS on (alleged) jihadistsInvestigation into data exchange by GISS on (alleged) jihadists