Knowledge network and sparring partners

In December 2014 the Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services (the Committee) set up a knowledge network. It is made up of experts and provides advice to the Committee on relevant developments. Some of the experts contribute critically to investigations and to choosing the issues to be investigated. In this way they function as sparring partners for the Committee.

The knowledge network

The knowledge network is composed as follows:

Dennis Broeders (professor of Technology and Society Leiden University)

  • Paul Ducheine (professor of Cyber Operations and Military (Operational) Law, University of Amsterdam
  • Nico van Eijk (professor of information law at Amsterdam University)
  • Bob de Graaff (professor of intelligence & security studies at Utrecht University)
  • Constant Hijzen (assistant professor national security at Leiden University)
  • Bart Jacobs (professor of software security & correctness at Radboud University)
  • Erwin Muller (professor of safety, security and law and vice-chairman of the Dutch Safety Board, Leiden University)

Expert poule

The Review Committee can request an expert report based on article 108 of the Act on Security and Intelligence Services 2017. An expert report is a (theoretical) contemplation or analysis of a specific issue. The report is requested, for example when the CTIVD runs into legal or technical issue to which it has no or not sufficient expertise to explore in depth.

The CTIVD can then choose, in addition to the contribution of the knowledge work, to seek advice from an expert and request him or her to further elaborate on a specific issue in an expert report. For experts it is, in principle, not required to pass a safety investigation.

The CTIVD will invest in the coming years in the further development of this expert group.

The expert poule is currently composed as follows:

  • Mireille Hildebrandt (professor of ICT and the rule of law at Radboud University)
  • Rick Lawson (professor of European law and dean of the law faculty at Leiden University)