Tasks and responsibilities

The Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD) was established in 2002. It reviews the activities of the General Intelligence and Security Service (GISS) and the Defence Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) on the basis of the existing legal frameworks for the services.

Powers of the Committee

The Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services is an independent oversight body with wide powers in the performance of its statutory task. For example, the Committee has direct access to all relevant information and all systems at GISS and DISS. The employees of the services must answer the questions asked by the Committee, and the Committee may hear them under oath if it wishes to do so. The Committee also has the right of access to certain specified locations. Furthermore, the Committee may instruct experts to undertake work if this is necessary for the proper performance of its task.

The Review Committee has the following tasks:

  • to conduct investigations and report on them in public review reports;
  • to publish an annual report;
  • to advise the ministers concerned on handling complaints about GISS and DISS;
  • to provide the ministers concerned with solicited or unsolicited advice on its conclusions.

What is not the task of the Review Committee

The Committee’s tasks do not include the assessment of efficiency. Such assessments would regard decisions of GISS and DISS that are purely a matter of policy.