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Annual Report 2015

Annual report | 07-06-2016

Intelligence and Security Services Act 2002

Leaflet | 22-04-2016

Review report 44 on two sigint operations by the MIVD

In November 2014, the Review Committee announced it would conduct an investigation into two sigint operations of the Military ...

Report | 19-02-2016

Brief outline of the response of the CTIVD to the ISS Act 20** draft bill

On 3 September 2015 the CTIVD gave her response to the ISS 20** Act draft bill. The proposed draft bill extends the powers of the ...

Brochure | 13-11-2015

Review report 43 in response to the crash of flight MH17

At the request of the Minster of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Minister of Defence, the Review Committee on the ...

Report | 13-10-2015

Annual report 2014-2015

Annual report | 09-06-2015

Review report 19 on the application by the AIVD of Section 25 of the ISS Act 2002 and Section 27 of the ISS Act 2002

The Review Committee conducted an investigation into the use of the interception power and the power to select sigint by the AIVD ...

Report | 29-04-2015

Review report 42 on the application of bio-forensic investigatory methods by the AIVD

The AIVD increasingly uses bio-forensic investigative methods, such as DNA and fingerprint investigation. In 2015 the Review ...

Report | 25-03-2015

Review report 39 on the lawfulness of investigations on social media by the AIVD

Social media play a significant role in today’s world and have become an important source of intelligence for the General ...

Report | 04-09-2014

Annual report 2013-2014

Annual report | 31-03-2014