Reporting anonymously

The CTIVD will always treat reports as confidential. The CTIVD will only disclose your personal data to the service and Minister concerned with your consent.

If you indicate to the CTIVD that you do not want your identity to be disclosed, the CTIVD will endeavour to protect your anonymity.

However, exceptional situations may arise in which the CTIVD is forced to disclose your identity to others. These exceptional situations may be the following:

  • it concerns a serious offence which the CTIVD is obliged to report;
  • a CTIVD staff member is heard under oath on the basis of a judicial order;
  • a CTIVD staff member is heard under oath in a Parliamentary inquiry.

You may also report alleged misconduct completely anonymously, in other words without the CTIVD knowing your personal data. In that case, you must send the CTIVD all the documents that are necessary to assess the report. You may not send state secret information by post or email to the CTIVD.

You should take into account that the CTIVD is not permitted to handle your report when it is insufficiently substantiated. An anonymous report will therefore not automatically result in an investigation by the CTIVD.

If you would like more information on reporting anonymously, please call the CTIVD. You will not have to divulge your name.