If you want to be kept informed of the latest developments in a particular area of interest, you can subscribe to one or more RSS feeds of the Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services. You will then receive automatic updates about the latest news.

With RSS, you do not have to visit the same websites over and over again to see if any new items have been published online. You will be automatically notified of new postings.


The Committee offers the following RSS feed:

  • RSS feed of news items

What do you need to make use of RSS?

For viewing the content of an RSS feed, you need an RSS reader or a web browser that supports RSS. You can download an RSS reader from the Internet free of charge.

How to use an RSS feed

After installing an RSS reader, you can choose the RSS feeds you wish to add.

This is how you add an RSS feed using Feedreader:

  • Go to the orange RSS button
  • Right-click and select ‘Add shortcut’
  • Click on ‘Add new feed’, then click ‘Next’
  • Name the RSS feed and click on ‘Finish’