Do you have a complaint about the activities of GISS or DISS? Do not send it to the Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services. Send the complaint to the relevant minister. 

Where to hand in the complaint?

Send your complaint about GISS to the minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Send your complaint about DISS to the minister of Defence. Fill in the contact form at Make sure you mention 'Complaint' as the subject.

You can also send a letter about your complaint. The address of the minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is Postbus 20011, 2500 EA Den Haag. The address of the minister of Defence is Plein 4, 2511 CR Den Haag. Mention your name, address, the date and signature. Your telephone number is not required. It could help you out to clear out any misunderstandings and to give more information about your complaint.

What happens to your complaint?

Your complaint will be processed by the minister involved. It is obligatory for the minister to ask the Committee for its advice. The Committee will then investigate the complaint. This includes:

  • Hearing you, as the complainant;
  • Hearing the employees of GISS or DISS who are involved in the complaint;
  • Examining the (digital) files at GISS or DISS.

The Committee will send an advisory opinion to the minister. What happens if the minister gives a decision that differs from the Committee’s advisory opinion? The minister must state the reason for the difference and send you the advisory opinion together with his decision.

The Committee has drawn up a complaint handling protocol to provide insight into the way it performs its role in handling complaints about GISS and DISS. The protocol describes the statutory task of the Committee, the composition of the Committee, the powers available to the Committee and the framework for assessing complaints. 

How long will the procedure take?

The statutory period for handling complaints is 10 weeks. After you have lodged your complaint, the minister has 10 weeks to take a decision. The minister may, however, extend the procedure by 4 weeks. 

Complaining to the National Ombudsman

What happens if you do not agree with the decision of the minister? You can file a complaint with the National Ombudsman. The National Ombudsman is an independent mediator between the public and government.