Reporting misconduct

If you want to report alleged misconduct at the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) or the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD), then you must first report your suspicions to the service concerned. If the report has not been handled within a reasonable period or has not been handled properly, you may report the alleged misconduct to the CTIVD's Complaints Handling Department.

In certain circumstances alleged misconduct can be reported directly to the CTIVD. This is possible when you cannot reasonably be expected to first report the alleged misconduct to the service concerned. That might be the case, for example, if you have a reasonable suspicion that the highest responsible person within the service was involved in the misconduct. However, you must be able to substantiate this.

You can report alleged misconduct to the CTIVD in writing, by post or email ( A report must at least contain the following information: (i) your name and email or post address, (ii) the organization where you work or worked, (iii) your involvement in implementing the Intelligence and Security Services Act 2017 (ISS Act 2017) or the Security Screening Act, (iv) the organization to which the report relates, (v) a description of the misconduct reported, and (vi) the reason for reporting it to the CTIVD. Please provide a phone number on which we can reach you. Furthermore, you must provide the Complaints Handling Department with the details necessary to handle the report and which you can obtain within reason.

You may not send state secret information by post or email to the CTIVD.

If you have any questions about reporting alleged misconduct you can also contact the CTIVD on telephone number 070 - 315 58 20.